This agreement sets forth the process and terms under which Streamlined Media LLC ("Vendor") will provide podcast production services to the client ("Customer"). The agreed-upon services can vary based on the package selected by the customer, but the primary steps in the process are generally as follows:

1. Orientation:
Following subscription to a service package, the Customer will receive an email from Vendor containing an onboarding form link. The Customer shall fill in this form with necessary information including reusable assets and desired goals.

2. Creation:
Once onboarded, Vendor’s production team will start the editing process of the Customer's files. This can include aspects such as segment integration, noise reduction, elimination of sound distractions, and enhancement of audio quality. The Vendor will edit the files for the purpose of creating natural sounding conversations and may not remove all filler words or mistakes. For Customers subscribed to video editing services, Vendor will also apply overlays and transitions, and perform video edits.

3. Content Repurposing:
If subscribed to repurposing services, on completion of audio editing, the project moves to Vendor’s content team. The team listens to the episode in detail, capturing key points and writing comprehensive show notes. This can include time stamps, quotable phrases, and relevant social platform links. Vendor may also engage in social media promotional activities by creating related graphics and clips based on Customer's design choices.

4. Quality Control:Post audio and content modification, the project enters a quality control phase. This is to guarantee that the final product is of industry standards. 

5. Notification:The final drafts of your files will be uploaded to your hosting platform and the production portal at least 24 hours before the planned release, if the files were submitted on time. The standard turnaround time is two business days for audio editing and show notes, and three business days for projects including video, social media assets, or additional repurposed content such as blogs. If the Customer would like to review the drafts 24 hours before release, they must factor in the turnaround time. For example, if the Customer’s standard turnaround is two business days, they would need to upload the files three business days before release to allow the 24 hour review period. A business day is defined as Monday through Friday from the hours of 9AM to 5PM CST. Public holidays in the United States are not included as a business day.

6. Revision Policy:After receiving the files for review, the Customer has the opportunity to make one request for revisions at no additional cost. This revision request should be made by the Customer within the first eight hours of receiving the completed files. These revisions should be provided at once in a list format. If additional revisions are requested that were not provided in the first round of revisions, the Customer will be subject to an hourly charge in order to complete the revision. The Customer will be notified of the charge before proceeding with the revision. The Customer should allow at least one business day for the Vendor to complete said revisions. 

7. Measurement of work:Herein it is necessary to define terms used in measuring work output: 'raw minutes' is the length of recorded, unedited content, while 'edited minutes' references the finalized, post-production duration of each episode. The subscription that the Customer is agreeing to is based on ‘raw minutes’.Bulk uploads of raw content are welcome, but any excess in raw minutes beyond the limit of the subscribed package will incur extra charges defined as “Overages”. These overages are calculated by dividing the customer's package price by their total minutes subscribed. Unused raw minutes are not transferable to the next month’s subscription. Monthly raw minutes will reset each month on the date of the subscription. 

8. Transferability of Services:Services subscribed to such as audio editing, video editing, and other services provided by the Vendor are not interchangeable or transferable. If the Customer would like to change which services are provided on any given episode, the Customer will be responsible for contacting the Vendor to make an amendment to their subscription agreement.

9. Additional Services RequestedIn the event that a Customer would like to receive Assets on a one-time basis for an individual episode, the Customer will be given a one-time invoice for these services.

10. Communication:Optimal teamwork and communication are crucial for creating content. Therefore, we encourage the provision of complete and accurate content, and essential materials for production in order to avoid delays, as well as any extra information that would help personalize the experience and output better (such as guest email addresses)

11.Cancellation Policy:In case the client wishes to cancel the subscription, Vendor must be notified via email one business day prior to the monthly billing cycle start date. No refunds shall be granted for unused subscriptions. If the Customer does not notify the Vendor with one business day's notice, the Customer is not entitled to any refund for that month. In the event of a cancellation, the Customer is responsible for downloading any files from the production dashboard, as well as implementing a RSS feed redirect within 30 days of the cancellation.

12.Refund Policy:Refunds due to production errors will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and must be requested by the Customer within 30 days of the delivery of the asset. Any refund requested after 30 days will automatically be declined. 

13. Disclaimer:Streamlined Media is not liable for any delays or actions tied to third party issues arising from hosting or distribution platforms such as Libsyn, Blubrry, iTunes, Spotify, and so on.The Client's subscription to Streamlined Media services is taken as an agreement of understanding and acceptance of these terms.

For questions or concerns about this agreement, please feel free to contact us at