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// 01 . About Us

We are a podcast-focused marketing agency

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Content Production

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Research & Strategy

We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping you create, promote, and grow your podcast. Our comprehensive services cover everything from production and consulting to marketing and repurposing, ensuring your podcast's success. With a satisfaction rate of over 95%, we have earned the trust of hundreds of clients, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and results-driven solutions.

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// 02 . OUR VALUES

The PEER values behind our work

The core values behind
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Profit-Driven Innovation

We understand the importance of a strong return on investment, and our team is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the profitability of your podcast.

The core values behind
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Ethical Excellence

This underpins every aspect of our work. We believe in conducting business with integrity, and transparency in order to serve our clients better.

The core values behind
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Enriching the World

We have an unwavering dedication to make a positive difference in the world. We strive to empower diverse voices and foster meaningful conversations.

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Relentless Improvement

We are committed to honing our skills, refining our processes, and staying ahead of industry trends to ensure that our clients receive the most effective services.

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// 03 . OUR TEAM

Our team of content creation experts

Kevin Mills


Dani Pascal

Production Manager

AJ Canuelas

Head of Copywriting

Karl Sona


Nadine Echon

Production Manager

Pamela Freydell

Social Media Strategist

Julian Duran

Head of Production

Viktor Frane

Head of Design

Laura Grisales

Head of HR